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Since 1995, Helpy group provides software and information technology services in Italy and WorldWide.

We delight customers providing custom solutions built to specific business requirements, or we can completely undertake the project management process going forward from the outline in the initial brief.

We offer a team of dedicated and experienced staff at the design stage focused to finding the right solution to meet your production needs.

We utilize state-of-the-art tools, methodologies and processes to create highly effective user-centred applications.

Collaboration with many high-profile companies and freelancers combined with flexibility and mobility of structures enable our group to diversify interests and offer services to all kind of companies.

Our current portfolio includes multinational corporations as well as small and medium sized companies.

Our business strategy aims to provide customers with products whose benefits have to be perceived in terms of:

  • Quality as respect for customer requirements and needs.
  • Reliability as ability to fulfil deadlines, punctuality, providing customer care and warranty of correct functioning which can be kept at low cost.
  • Flexibility as adaptability to changing requirements.